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DIY Decorating

The United States alone spends more than $6 billion on Christmas decorations. Thats right, just decorations. Now factor in gifts, food, clothing and travel and that amount grows to an unfathomable number. Christmas is no doubt our biggest holiday and we spare no means to celebrate it. Checkout our Handmade Holiday Gifting post to find some amazing gift ideas that ooze with thoughtfulness while allowing you to save at the same time. And if your looking for decorating ideas that help you do the same, then you’ve come to the right post! Merry Chrismakwanzika and remember that this season is all about family, love and memories. Not price tags, long lines and bah-humbugs.


NAILORNNail Polish Ornaments 

disco ornamentsDisco Ornaments

pledge diy ornamentsPledge & Glitter

personalized ornamentPersonalized Ornament

diy cinnamon ornamentsCinnamon Ornaments


Picture Christmas WreathPicture/Card Wreath

yarn christmas tree                                                                                                                    Yarn Tree                                                                                                                  ( we also suggest adding “ornaments ” to your yarn tree by sticking bows and other adhesive embellishment )

wrapped candy decoWrapped Candy Deco

cupcake liner treeCupcake Liner Tree

Tulle Strung Lights christmasLights Strung w/ Tulle makes a beautiful garland


reindeer handsReindeer Handprints

gingerbread plaqueGingerbread Plaque

christmas snowflakeChristmas Snowflake

candycane playdoughCandy Cane Playdough

ornament doughThese directions are for ornament dough. The ornaments you create can be painted, molded, glittered and just about anything your imagination can come up with. We love the example for the Snowman Handprint shown above but this activity is pretty open ended.

pinecone christmas treesPinecone Christmas Trees in Snow

merry christmas and a happy new year


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